Life moves fast. Yoga doesn't have to.

Welcome to approachable, intelligent instruction and honest warmth that reaches well beyond the physical practices, right to wherever you are. This is the real thing; messy, imperfect and totally human. We are so happy you are here! You can search for class by length, level, teacher, style and more from the "All Courses" ink in the upper lefthand corner, and clicking on the "Filter By" fueld that appears on the left of the screen.

Monicka Koneski

Vinyasa 2: Hip strength and mobility through lunges and reclined supta baddha konasana variations

Take a smooth trip around the hips in this mellow morning class designed to make your hips feel strong and light

Linnea Solveig

Vinyasa 2: Heart opening, core strength and upper back wisdom

A slower moving flow class focusing on heart opening while cultivating support, awareness and deep strength in the core.

Monicka Koneski

Vinyasa 2: Awareness of the pelvis toward a healthy, integrated pigeon pose and hip mobility

Focus on fanning through the interior of the pelvis and illiacus muscles toward this oft-misunderstood pose.

Jeannie Songer

Yoga Foundations 1: A quiet, grounding and centering class for any level

This simple, grounding basics class gives you a chance to feel your breath, to relax your nervous system, and to grow your awareness.

Lisa Mae Osborn

Asana Lab 3: A seriously strengthening, hip-and-glute-work-heavy class toward a weird variation of Natarajasana

Bust your asana in this class designed to strengthen and load your hips and glutes in many variations. Welcome to squatsville!

Monicka Koneski

Vinyasa 2: Smart ways to to twist versus "roll" in Revolved Side Angle pose

Find strength and stablity through the legs, hips and pelvis on our way to this deep standing twist