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Welcome to approachable, intelligent instruction and honest warmth that reaches well beyond the physical practices, right to wherever you are. This is the real thing; messy, imperfect and totally human. We are so happy you are here! You can search for class by length, level, teacher, style and more from the "All Courses" ink in the upper lefthand corner, and clicking on the "Filter By" fueld that appears on the left of the screen.

Linnea Solveig

Vinyasa 2/3: Hip strength and mobility toward revolved side angle pose

Focus on the stability and strength of your hips and core for this deep twisted pose

Lisa Mae Osborn

Asana Lab 3: Deep twisting and hip work toward arm balancing with a chair

Working deeply into spinal flexion and twisting, opening lateral hips toward a funky version of a pose sometimes called hummingbird.

Amanda Barp

Vinyasa 2/3: Soft and supple hip flexors toward Paschimottanansana, seated forward bend

A great class for taking the opportunity to use the breath to turn inward, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed

Monicka Koneski

Vinyasa 2: Mobilizing and stabilizing the larger joint groups with some unusual props and variations

A well-rounded, feel-good class to make you feel strong and stable and ready for your day.

Lisa Mae Osborn

Quick Hamstring Strength Work for Yoga with Lisa Mae

Get some resiliency and strength going in these sometimes pesky muscles!

Zeyah Alicia Roge

Vinyasa 2: Active flow practice focusing on balancing w/ lots of options to customize this flowing practice for any level.

Solid flow class for any level to move, get a little sweaty, and feel great!