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Prenatal Yoga with Shana Class #14, 50 mins. Focus on breathing, ease and grounding in this pelvis-focused class. (3/2/21)
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Yoga 2 w/ Lisa Mae, 90 mins. A movement, pranayama practice and meditation on Spring, where we make a muddy fertile mash of our hips, stretch newly-emerging spines and shoulders, get a little sweaty and let our sap rise. (2/27/21)
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Yoga 2 w/ Danielle J, 1 hr. Big moon practice! Celebrate the skies with some moon salutations, standing poses, and stability work in this lovely, yummy flowing practice to celebrate any aspects of your life coming to fruition. Also cats! (2/26/21)
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Yin w/ Sahar, 75 mins. A restorative yin practice centered on side body space and hip mobility. (2/24/21)
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Nervous System Reset w/ Kate, 30 mins. This class features a restorative, guided meditation intended to support the healing and repair of the body at the level of our cells. (2/25/21)
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Morning Hatha w/ Tara, 1 hr. A gentle but effective wake-up asana practice featuring grounding hip and heart work (and some light-hearted swearing) and meditative breathing guidance. (2/25/21)
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