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Yoga 1/2 w/ Linnea, 75 mins: Get curious! Wrist strength, ankle strength, repetive movement with the breath, balancing and general "functional movement" play. (9/10/20)
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Yoga 2 w/ Maneena. 1 hr: This class encourages down regulation through grounding and strength building and core work. (9/8/20)
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Nervous System Reset w/ Kate, 30 mins: This practice is helpful when you’re feeling alone, depleted or hopeless. It nourishes the ventral vagus to facilitate a deeper felt sense of support using invocation, imagery and imagination. (8/31/20)
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Yoga 1/2 w/ Ceci, 75 mins: Explore a gentle and juicy hip opener at the wall and remember your body’s innate resiliency. Challenge your balance as we make our way to figure four chair pose. (9/2/20)
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Yoga 2 w/ Kat, 1 hr. This core-enabled, hip-focused, heart-opening practice draws you towards bound dhanurasana (bow pose) with strength and grace. (9/4/20)
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Yoga 2 w/ Lisa Mae, 90 mins. HANDSTANDS! Reclaim your playful, joyful pillar of strength in this fun but challenging preparatory journey toward changing your perspective. Lots of options to not invert, too. You deserve to be joyful! (9/5/20)
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