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Yin w/ Sahar, 75 mins: This soft, quiet class offers focus on gentle hip and shoulder opening for any level. (7/8/20)
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Yoga 2/3 w/ Lisa Mae, 75 mins: Shoulder girdle, ribcage and thoracic spine differentiation for better breathing and a spacious, open chest in lots of backbending variations. A real gunk-mover! (7/8/20)
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Sun Salutations w/ Ceci, 45 mins: This class focuses on cultivating an expansive side body. We will combine fluid movement with steady breathing and play with different variations of side plank. (7/8/20)
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Yoga 2 w/ Kat, 75 mins. This Hip-focused, grounding flow moves slowly through practicing presence with a full range of hip mobility and strength work. (7/3/20)
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Yoga Foundations 1 w/ Monicka, 1 hr: Focus on hips, shoulders and twists in this accessible, all-around feel-better practice. (6/24/20)
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Strength and Self-massage w/ Britt, 1 hr: Strengthen and then soften your wrists, fingers, forearms and shoulders. Come explore some detailed movement and embody your inner jellyfish! (7/6/20)
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