Aging & Accessible Yoga w/ Michael, 75 mins

Standing balances toward tree pose, and a gentle flow sequence of lunges, downward facing dog, and upward salutes, Warrior 1 variations/Pyramid with a chair. 6/25/20 | taught by Michael Fernandez
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Michael Fernandez
Michael Fernandez

About the instructor

I came to yoga looking for a way to heal a body worn down from years of running and cycling, and what I found was that and so much more: an opportunity to heal my mind and spirit, a renewed sense of community, and a way to be of service in the world.  After a long career as an engineer, I knew the next phase of my life had to involve work from the heart.  After practicing at The Bhaktishop for three years it occurred to me that teaching yoga would be just that.  I completed The Bhaktishop’s teacher training program in May 2017 and continue to practice and study here.  I am currently working with Ruth Casebeer in the Yoga and Aging Gently class and volunteering in the community.

Course Contents

2 Videos
1.3 hrs