Britt Rhoden

My yoga journey stared at age 17. As my body and soul change and shift with the ebbs and flows of life's tides, yoga is the compass that gently guides me into new territory. Now, more than ever before, yoga is the way I show respect for the beauty of life and the energy of the earth. Yoga is where I play and explore; it's where I find a sense of being grounded and a sense of stillness. I want to meet all students with authenticity, giving them space to explore their own practice. I am a class of 2015 graduate of The Bhaktishop's 200 Hour Program.

Course curriculum

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    Functional Strength w/ Britt, 1 hr. Bouncy and light full body movement class. Come play with springy movements that will help you feel both light and strong, and take time at the end to stretch and rest. (4/16/21)

    • FS Britt 4:16:21