Short Alignment and Anatomy Details with Lisa Mae and Monicka

Here's four misunderstood poses/families of poses and some quick ways to check in a see if you are "doing it right." | taught by Lisa Mae and Monicka
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Lisa Mae  and Monicka
Lisa Mae and Monicka

About the Instructor

Lisa Mae and Monicka have been teaching together for over a decade, and are delighted to be able to share their thoughts with you here. For more on each of them and more of these types of alignment techniques and tricks, you can take their classes online!

About this series:

These are quick, easy lessons on some of the possible alignment and anatomy details that any student can understand, along with some helpful tips to feel where you are placed in the pose and whether that is the safest, most efficient way to be practicing. Alignment is as varied as people, which is to say there are zillions of ways to practice yoga. These are simple things to try and see how they fit for you, and adjust according to your own voice and inner body prompting.

Features: Downward Facing Dog, Warrior poses and lunges, upward salute and standing forward fold.

Course Contents

4 Videos
0.3 hrs

Course Curriculum

Short Alignment and Anatomy Details with Lisa Mae and Monicka
Alignment: Warrior Poses and Lunges with Monicka
Alignment: Standing Forward Bends with Lisa Mae
Alignment: Shoulder Rotation in Upward Salute and Warrior poses with Monicka