Strength Training for Yoga With Monicka, Part 6

Feet, ankle and hip strength and stability for all levels | taught by Monicka Koneski
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Monicka Koneski
Monicka Koneski

About the Instructor

When I had the good fortune of connecting with Lisa Mae Osborn shortly after moving to Portland in '05, the seeds that had been planted in the years prior began to take root. I began to dive more deeply into the study of yogic practices, and I absolutely knew that my heart had come home when I was introduced to the bhakti practice of sri kirtana (devotional chanting). An yet at that point I had still no idea how impactful it would be or how serious I would become about desiring my life to be overtaken by spiritual pursuit. It was as though something within me started to wake up, and the things in my life that inhibited my growth began to fall, often painfully but beautifully, away.

I have been teaching movement now (everything from creative movement for kids to modern dance to therapeutic private yoga classes to many things in between) since 1999. I have had the honor of being a part of The Bhaktishop Yoga Center since its inception, and under the gentle and encouraging guidance of Lisa Mae Osborn, as well as a number of other inspired and influential teachers, I have completed more than 500+ hours of yoga education and training. When I am not teaching or studying yoga, I am either engaged in my work as a licensed massage therapist where I am able to spend valuable one-on-one time with those who are looking to find ease, presence, and balance in their bodies, or wrapped in love and life lessons with my dear little son, Kavi. It is my goal as a bodywork practitioner, anatomy and kinesiology geek, yoga teacher, Mama, and student of bhakti yoga to serve and honor each individual that I encounter, whether on the mat or off, in the best and truest way that I know how. Movement is still endlessly fascinating to me, but it is truly the connection to Self and Source that we may encounter while engaged in yoga practices that has me hooked.

About this class:

Focus on feet, ankle and hip stability and strength in this awesome class that develops coordination and articulation through large, full-body movements. Finish with smaller, more controlled and refined movements to give your brain a workout too. Lots of 360 degree hip strengthening, which we all need. Props: Mat, set of small rubber balls or tennis balls, blanket, theraband or other long stretchy resistance band, a small elastic loop and a sandbag or weight that is >8lbs.

Course Contents

1 Video
1.2 hrs

Course Curriculum

Strength Training for Yoga: Part 6 with Monicka