Vinyasa 2/3: Soft and supple hip flexors toward Paschimottanansana, seated forward bend

A great class for taking the opportunity to use the breath to turn inward, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed | taught by Amanda Barp
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About this class:

Taking an opportunity to use the breath to turn inward, especially when feeling overwhelmed, is one of the hallmarks of focused yoga practice. By way of deep hip flexion and the release of the back line of the body, develop softness in the hip flexors on the way toward the peak pose of paschimottanasana, deep seated forward bend. Props: 2 blocks, one blanket and a pinky massage ball (or tennis ball.) One hour.

Amanda Barp
Amanda Barp

About the Instructor

I began my yoga practice 15 years ago when I moved from the Midwest to Oregon as a transfer student. I was delighted to find that I could take a class through the university, and was lucky to have such a great experience with yoga from the beginning. This instilled in me the importance of first interactions with this practice. Fostering an environment of acceptance, understanding and non-judgment is very important to me, both in the yoga studio and in my own work as a massage therapist. I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Bhaktishop in 2015. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful mentors who are willing to work with me as I begin this journey of teaching, most notably my teachers at The Bhaktishop; Lisa Mae, Monicka, Kate and Tasha.

I continue to be amazed by the human body and how our daily movement and habits can affect how we move through our lives. Asana provides an excellent outlet for understanding ourselves more deeply, while providing a space in which we can strive to make sense of ourselves and our place in relation to each other and the world.

Course Contents

1 Video
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Vinyasa 2/3: Soft and supple hip flexors toward Paschimottanansan, seated forward bend