Vinyasa 2/3: handstands and hanumanasana for people who can't do those poses...

strength and length simultaneously, with core activation to support this wild ride. | taught by Linnea Solveig
Linnea Solveig
Linnea Solveig

About the Instructor

My explorations in body awareness and my love for physical expression have been present for much of my life. Over twenty years ago, I began my official relationship with movement as a dancer and, fifteen years ago, I began a widely versatile personal yoga practice. My experience has ranged from the raucously physical to the most delicately subtle. As a teacher, I try to find a middle ground where the active body can help illuminate the illusive mind and spirit. I am interested in working deeply with principles of skeletal, muscular and energetic alignment, while also sharing the rich mythical, spiritual, and historical lineage that yoga asana descends from. I received my 200­hour training in 2014 with Alison Alstrom at The Loom School of Hatha Yoga, and I am on a perpetual journey to become a more knowledgeable teacher and humble student. Currently I am studying asana with Todd Jackson and anatomy with Renee Sills and am in the process of attaining another 300 hours of teacher training here in the Advanced Study Program at The Bhaktishop. The time I spend off my mat is usually spent painting, biking and teaching art and movement at the PHAME Academy.

About this class:

Gather some strength in both hamstrings and core, as well as some good, solid length in both to be able to prep for both handstands and hanumanasana, the sagital splits! Physics says you shouldn't be able to do either of these things, but Linnea says you can. A fun foray into some wild territory. Props: a coupe of yoga blocks and a blanket as needed.

Course Contents

1 Video
1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Vinyasa 2/3: Handstands and hanumanasana for folks that can't do those poses!