Yoga Foundations 1 with Allie

A sweet, grounding all-levels class focusing on sending the attention into the connection between your body and the spaces around you. | taught by Allie Delaney
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Allie Delaney
Allie Delaney

About the Instructor

Like many people I've talked to, I feel less like I found yoga, and more like yoga found me. In the fall of 2013, I was laid off from a high-stress job that had consumed my time, love, and energy, and I didn't feel like I recognized myself anymore. In the confusion and sadness that followed, just a few days later, a friend invited me to go to yoga at The Bhaktishop with her. In that very first class, I felt like I was coming home. As someone who had never been very physically active or mindful about my body, giving myself permission to turn off my doubts, turn off my mind, and give myself my own kind attention was a revelation. This passion, discovered so unexpectedly and so gratefully, led me to pursue teaching, to hopefully help others find their own practice.

Yoga continues to be an amazing, evolving relationship for me. Some days it's blissful and fulfilling, and some days I feel like what I want is just out of reach. My practice isn't ever perfect, but it is real and authentically mine. Yoga helps me navigate the fascinating and confounding process of being a human through mindfulness, patience, and love, and I feel profoundly lucky to share in that journey with others.

About this class:

A sweet, grounding class focusing on sending the attention into the connection between your body and the spaces around you. We give some special attention to legs, waking up the hamstrings and thighs through active resistance and strengthening. As in the rest of our lives off the mat, it's important to balance this kind of active work with restorative stillness, so we also spend some time with a long warm up and some restorative postures at the end of class. Props: 2 bolsters, 2 blocks, blanket, long strap

Course Contents

1 Video
1.3 hrs

Course Curriculum

Yoga Foundations 1: A sweet, grounding, all-levels class with both strengthening and restorative practices incorporated for balance.