About Our Classes:

We offer healthy, safe, alignment-based practices steeped in decades of ongoing study both in the yogic traditions and the modern bio-mechanics of anatomical awareness. Beginners are welcomed whole-heartedly, as well as serious, ongoing students that want to hone their skills. Awareness of form, spirit and alignment meet in all of our classes, and each of our teachers shares this from their own experience. Each class is skillfully modified according to the time of year, time of day, Ayurvedic principles, and whatever nature gives us that day to help you find your center. The main intention is for you to leave feeling calm, alert and more able to adapt to and embrace your life. Whether you know what you're doing, need a class to seriously decompress, or are coming to yoga for the first time, we have a class for you. Here's a quick explanation about each of our class levels, along with some previews of what you might expect in each level.

Yoga Foundations 1

Welcome to yoga—our foundational breath and alignment-based class is designed to introduce you to and build on the fundamentals of Hatha yoga. This class starts at the very beginning, and is made for real, honest-to-goodness beginners. Expect a generally downward-dog-free and chaturanga-free class overall, as your smart, well-practiced and compassionate teacher sets you up for empowerment and success in a well-rounded, skillful, and illuminating class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. A safe and fun intro to our way of helping you love yoga the way we do. Most folks can start here.

 Yoga 1/2

This class is intended to encourage you onward when you feel ready to make the leap from Yoga Foundations 1 to Yoga 2, but is appropriate for all continuing students as well, since it is always beneficial to take a few steps back in an effort to strengthen your practice. A slower-paced class overall, with a focus on clarifying the skills and transitions between poses, as well as refining the mechanics of common poses found in regular Yoga 2 classes that may not always get the attention they deserve. Get the tools you need to make progress on the mat.

Yoga 2 

This class level introduces some more challenging aspects of the Hatha practice, such as more detailed alignment and more emphasis on mindful transitions. Expect healthy movement, somewhat more challenging asana, introductions to things like inversion preparations and backbends, and fluid, detailed instruction. Every teacher offers this class a little bit differently, so you have lots of chances to try new things. For students that have a solid feel for the basics but still want a slower tempo to build strength and grace.

Yoga 2/3 

This Hatha class will get you moving, centered, and sometimes, depending on the day and teacher, a little bit sweaty. Designed for the continuing student and seasoned practitioner, you will be creatively and safely guided by smart and informed movement teachers in this class that is often taught with workshop-level sophistication. With generous modifications and/or deepening practices for both levels offered, this is not your average flow class but a chance to grow and refine what you already know with clarity. Come and see what a little bit of extra attention to detail can do for your practice, and your life. For committed practitioners that have invested the time and study to stay safe but still yearn to learn and grow their approach to asana practice.

Asana Lab 3

Level 3 is a detail-oriented, sophisticated laboratory geared toward more experienced yoga practitioners, giving us the chance to hone our skills on the mat together. You are encouraged to deeply refine your inner and outer form, explore bold postures safely, focus more clearly on your own alignment and bio-mechanics, break some sticky old habits, perhaps explore the depths of some of yoga's philosophical topics, and delve more deeply into your self and your rich inner experience. These workshop-level classes are challenging, mechanically-inclined, anatomically precise, and living proof that you don't always need harder, faster asana to have a sophisticated, intelligent practice. Suited for those with very committed investment in understanding their own body, limitations and practices; this is the thinking person's answer to "advanced" asana classes.

Functional Strength Classes and Short Videos

These specialized classes are an excellent companion to your yoga practice, focusing on cultivating strength, balance, and coordination while increasing movement awareness and efficiency. Through the use of body weight resistance, stretchy bands, blocks/chairs and creative isolated actions, we will work smarter to ensure that everyone can benefit. All are welcome, no experience necessary. Get stronger, learn to move smarter!


Explore a wide variety of approaches to strength including large whole body/whole space movements down to small, refined, isolated actions, and everything in between. This specialized class teaches curiosity, willingness to move differently, and the ability to skillfully engage your strong, fluid core in a variety of beautiful, functional movement-based approaches to strength. You will cultivate your own physical strength and acuity while keeping a keen focus on bio-mechanical integrity. Monicka draws on her many years of experience as an athlete, dancer, bodyworker, and student/teacher of anatomy and kinesiology to provide a playful, well-rounded and grounded approach to strengthening the body. Come and check it out-- its an amazing compliment to the yoga you love! Open to everyone at any level of practice or interest.