Welcome to Online Yoga!

We're delighted that you are here to check things out. Here are a few samples of what we are offering here; we hope you will find them useful and also that you will join us for yoga, wherever you are.

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Ready to practice at home or on the road?

Check out this little sneak peek into our home practice spaces, so you can see that ANYWHERE is exactly the right place to unroll your mat and practice yoga!

Are you a teacher looking to up-level your teaching skills with your mixed-levels classes?

Check out this preview of the 8-part Teaching Immersion with Monicka, and find the whole course on the Workshops Page!

Want a peek into our Saturday Morning Vinyasa 2 "yoga church" class?

Here's a look at what our Saturday morning Vinyasa 2 class looks like and feels like sometimes; like a big, loving community that gathers together to move and chant and raise consciousness, sharing their capacity to use power for good.

Need Some Strength and Mobility for your Shoulders?

Looking for a quick fix-it for your shoulders, to stabilize and mobilize them after a long day of sitting at your desk, sitting on a plane, or just plain feeling sticky? Try this little 13 minute video tuneup and let us know what you think! Search for more classes like this here, and filter by the category "Strength Training for Yoga." Enjoy!

Here's Monicka's take on Strength for the chest and shoulders:

Wondering if you're doing it right? 

Here are some quick alignment tips and trick form Lisa Mae and Monicka for you to check on your details in the physical practices.

Standing forward bends:

Downward Facing Dog:

Warrior Poses and Lunges:

Upward Salute:

Here's a short, 15 minute glute/pelvis and hip stabilizer and strengthener with Lisa Mae for anyone to gain some capacity in the hips and glutes: