Welcome! Here you will find a few resources for getting started, like a quick guide to yoga props, how to set up your practice space at home, what some of our home practices look like, basic guides to alignment and safety, and more.

Where do I get the yoga props that I need for yoga classes?

Yoga mats and other props are readily available at most retail stores like Target, Amazon and others. They don't have to be fancy. We suggest you get an 8 foot or 10 foot cloth belt to start with, and there are special Mexican yoga blankets that we often use, though any thick, wool blanket will usually do the trick. You can get one from this site: http://www.mexicanblankets.com. Sometimes we use a long stretchy thera-band, like the kind you get from your Physical Therapist, and a Hi-bounce Pinky rubber ball, both also available from Amazon. In a few classes you will see that we use yoga bolsters. Dense couch cushions or bed pillows can often work, but if you are going to use it a lot, we suggest you get a rectangular bolster from a site like this. Also, some of the classes utilize a backless metal yoga chair. This is a very handy, interesting and fun accessory to have, and we don't suggest that you try this with any other type of chair, to avoid injury. We get ours from www.chairforyoga.com, and we love the ananda chair. If you are taller than 5'10" you will want a "tall" chair. You can also make your own by taking a plain metal folding chair, banging out the backrest with extreme force, and sanding down the bars to remove any sharp edges.

Here's a quick preview of yoga props and where to get them:

Getting ready to practice at home? 

Any space is the right space, and you don't need it to be perfect. Just enough space around you to move your body, a mat and a prop or two and you are ready! Here is a quick look at our home practice spaces, so you know that perfection isn't what we are after, either.